Then, Again 

A Short Film 

'Then, Again' is an experimental, interpretive narrative Short Film, set in the 1940s. The Film focuses on the effects of grief and loss from a morbidly beautiful perspective. 

The day you lose someone, although it may not seem so, isn't the worst - it's all the days they stay gone...

"A hauntingly beautiful film." ~ Take2IndieFilmReview, New York

"There is a constant feeling of loneliness and isolation." ~ UK Film Review 

Written and Directed by Hannah Richardson and Edward Thompson


Being an independant short film set during the 1940s, it was imperetive to represent an accurate depiction of the period in which the film is set. Filmed in North Yorkshire, the natural landspaces and architechture has added a real level of naturalism to the project. 

As we are a crew of only two, it was important to myself and Ed to produce as much of the film as possible from 'stratch', such as, recording our own covers of music, sourcing our own props and costume and using as many practical means as necessary on set.

It has taken roughly 6 months to produce this film. A lot of the process was unplanned - we created a lot of content whilst on location, therefore allowing us to build on organic and spontaneous material.

The film is now in the process of being entered into film festivals within the UK and internationally.

We are so thrilled to have already achieved 'Best Actress', 'Best Short Film' and 'Best Cinematography' plus further accreditation.

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Watch the Official Teaser Trailer below: