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'Then, Again' was officially nominated for Best Screenplay at the 2023 Red Movie Awards & screened at the Dergermann Salon in Reims, France.

Then, Again 

A Short Film.             2022

'Then, Again' is an experimental, interpretive narrative Short Film, set in the 1940s. The Film focuses on the effects of grief and loss from a morbidly beautiful perspective.

Marie finds herself alone wandering the quiet halls and of an isolated Manor House. Only music extinguishes the deafening silence of the house. Trapped each day living the same routine over and over, and over again, she fades, like breath on a mirror.

Is she alone, or waiting for someone?

'The day you lose someone, although it may not seem so, isn't the worst - it's all the days they stay gone...'

"A hauntingly beautiful film." ~ Take2IndieFilmReview, New York

"There is a constant feeling of loneliness and isolation." ~ UK Film Review 

Written and Directed by Hannah Richardson & Edward Thompson


Being an independant short film set during the 1940s, it was imperetive to represent an accurate depiction of the period in which the film is set. Filmed in North Yorkshire, the natural landspaces and architechture added a real level of naturalism to the project. 

As a crew of only two, it became a very creative and broad-minded process. Most of the material was improvised and discovered whilst on set, allowing the narrative to develop organically. 

There was much freedom and spontaneity to this project, so it felt only right to delve further into the creative process by recording original music covers and sourching authentic costume & props with a very low budget plan.

Click for published reviews on Take2IndieReview - New York UK Film Review.

Watch the Official Trailer below: 


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